Skin Prick Test For Allergy

Dr. Sneha Tirpude - Consultant Pulmonologist

Skin prick test is a method of testing for allergic reactions to substances, or allergens, in the environment. It’s a gold standard test to determine what is the most probable culprit, and further guides us to immunotherapy and specific preventive measures.

How does a skin prick test work?

The gold standard for allergy testing is as simple as pricking your skin, inserting a small amount of a substance, and waiting to see what happens. If you’re allergic to the substance, a reddish, elevated bump will appear. This bump may be severely itchy.

The entire procedure of skin prick test takes about 30-45 minutes. 

What is an allergen?

An allergen is any substance that elicits an allergic reaction. When an allergen is inserted under a layer of your skin in a skin prick test, your immune system kicks into overdrive. It sends out antibodies to defend against what it believes to be a harmful substance.

Before you’re given a skin prick test. We will discuss your health history, your symptoms, and the types of triggers that seem to set off your allergies. We will use this information to determine which allergens to use in testing. We may test you for as few as three or four substances or as many as 40.

The test is usually performed on the inside of your arm or on your back. 

Skin prick testing can be performed on people of all ages, even infants if they’re older than 6 months. It’s widely used and safe in most cases. Rarely, a skin prick test can trigger a more severe type of allergic reaction.

Skin Prick Test: (SPT) for Food, Skin, Eyes & Respiratory Allergies with standardized allergens. A drop of suspected allergen is taken and placed on your skin to see the reaction. Result is seen in just 20 minutes & it is painless! Get skin prick test in Pune, for further assistance you can call to book your appointment.

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