81 year old gentleman underwent bronchoscopy

 Hello Readers,

We had to perform bronchoscopy with Lung Biopsy in an 81 year old man.

He was having loss of weight as the predominant complaint, which was correctly noticed by his daughter-in-law. 

His Chest X Ray for a associated mild cough showed suspicious right lung pneumonia, which further showed up as a adenocarcinoma of Lung i.e a type of Lung cancer.

To do any procedure is scary specially for this age. But mind you bronchoscopy is relatively safe, requires only a local anesthesia most of the time, can be done on out patient basis, requires only four hours of prior fasting, which altogether reduces the complication risk. 

Bronchoscopy with biopsy gets done in 30 minutes. If we take additional guidance like fluoroscopy in this case , and use a video bronchoscope, it further increases the efficacy and reduces the time of procedure. 

Fluoroscopy picture showing bronchoscope with forcep coming out of it to take a biopsy of the affected part.

This patient cooperated well throughout procedure i.e he gave in himself for 30 minutes. He had no apprehensions, hardly coughed during procedure, followed the instructions throughout. His check Chest X Ray done post procedure was normal. 

I conclude to do any procedure with minimal or no complications there should be a good patient preparation prior in form of counselling, informing, medications in the right way and confidence in your doctor 

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