How to take care of Asthma during pregnancy?

Are asthma medicines safe to take during pregnancy?

Infact, If you skip your asthma medicines, you are more likely to have an asthma flare  
Asthma and Pregnancy Basics
In Asthma the air pipe gets narrowed because of allergic reaction at the air pipe, we need to keep the air pipe open , so that oxygen delivery is’nt hampered to mother and indirectly to the growing baby in the womb. 
Basic TIPS
  • Regular review of asthma every 4 weeks during pregnancy 
  • Comorbidities such as rhinitis or gastro-oesophageal reflux, which can contribute to worsening asthma, should be identified and managed.
Are the tests like Lung Function test- Spirometry safe?
Yes, and are useful for distinguishing the shortness of breath associated with a worsening of asthma from the normal shortness of breath that many women experience during pregnancy.


One can also use a simple device called a peak flow meter at home that assesses airway narrowing due to asthma. 

Peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR) once or twice per day once upon awakening and again 12 hours later. Decreasing flow rates usually signal a worsening of asthma 

Peak Flow meter


Usually we avoid medicines in Pregnancy, what about Asthma Medicines?

Inhalers are safe to use, so also other oral medications like antiallergic, theophylline, Oral glucocorticoids(steroids), Nasal Spray

Inhalers better used with a spacer 



Tablet levocetirizine
Nasal Sprays

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