Some facts & tips about Allergy 

Based on my daily patient database. Their question and concepts leads me to these topics. So many people are suffering allergies out of which few land up with me. Through this blog I may be able to reach out to few more. Hence help them understand and prevent their allergies better.


Dust Mite is commonest cause of Allergy. Its not dust allergy but the mites in them who are the culprits!
If you have early morning sneezing, this is probably because you have slept on  dust mite laden bed. Well these are microbes, which are invisible. any heavy upholstery, e.g heavy curtain, heavy sofa, carpets are the storehouse of these mites. In today’s time, we are more home bound, we are working from home. 

Specially in areas where there is increased humidity, e.g Mumbai. To know current humidity of your city click here:-
Dust mites like humidity. Our houses are  ill ventilated due to which dampness increases, hence the in house humidity increases. If humidity is > 75%, this can be easily measured with a hygrometer bought from a local hardware store,  we can have more allergies. 
 Simple tools like charcoal or camphor placement at room corners, cross ventilation, exhaust fans can avoid excess moisture , and hence dust mites or fungal related lung ailments/allergies. Or buy a dehumidifier which comes along with a air purifier. 
another point to pay attention to is washing beddings in hot water, and using antiallergic mattress protectors. 
If you live in an already dry climate (such as a desert or high-altitude area), or use gas or electricity to heat your home, then there is no need of dehumidifier.

Signs you may need a dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers work best in areas where damp air collects, like basements. 

– Change of location and your allergies have increased

– persistent damp smell in your home

– water leakage

– an increase in unwanted pests in house, like cockroach, spiders

– clothes are damp/ mouldy

Yes, back to back sneezing means allergy
Itchy skin bumps also indicates allergy
Nasal spray to combat nasal allergies
Anti allergic Mattress protector
Skin prick allergy test method

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