Tuberculosis Myths and Facts

Myths about Tuberculosis & the way it’s widely spread

India is the most burdensome nation for tuberculosis. In India today there are two deaths every three minutes due to tuberculosis (TB). However, these deaths could be avoided. If you take care of yourself and receive proper treatment, TB patients can be treated and the fight against TB is a win.

These are facts about tuberculosis you must be aware of, as well as the myths you should avoid:

Myth : The TB bacteria is simple to take

Truth: As much as anybody can contract TB, it’s not spread by touching, hugging or even holding hands. If you’re outside, you’re less likely to get ill with TB because , when an individual who has contracted TB coughs outside the germs are dispersed by the air. The bacteria will be more easily carried off by winds or destroyed by sunlight. To contract TB it is necessary to be in close proximity with those who suffer from TB, and typically in a sealed area or room (eg traveling in taxis with an affected person). That’s why those suffering from TB should stay clear of enclosed, crowded areas as there is a lower chance to spread the disease to those who are in open areas (especially even if they’re just there for a brief duration). To prevent this, those suffering from TB must always cover their mouths whenever they cough.

Myth : TB is an illness of the lung

Information: Although TB does present predominantly as a lung condition but the infection can be spread via blood from your lung to any organs of your body. This means you could develop TB within the pleura (the part of your lungs that covers them) and within your bones, the sexual organs and urinary tract as well as your intestines, or on the skin and any other organ.

Myth : Tuberculosis (TB) is only a problem in socioeconomically disadvantaged groups.

Truth: Tuberculosis can be contracted by any person however certain groups such as those who are immigrants, with weakened immunity, seniors homeless, among others are at greater risk. Anyone who comes into contact with people also are at risk.

Myth : The cause of TB is smoking cigarettes in excess

Truth: Smokers are at risk of developing respiratory ailments. Yet, TB is caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Smoking increases the chance of developing tuberculosis but its not the cause of TB..

Myth : Tuberculosis is able to be diagnosed by blood as well as radiation (X-Ray/CT scan) studies

The Truth: TB cannot be 100% confirmed by these tests. Radiological and blood tests are additional tests. The ultimate diagnosis of tuberculosis in the lungs is through sputum tests or any secretions that come from the lung or affected organ.By  tissue examination.

Myth : The TB disease isn't curable

The Truth: TB is curable if  a prompt and accurate diagnosis is made and the proper medications are administered. and when a complete treatment plan is followed from the person who suffers.

Myth : TB is a genetic/hereditary condition.

The Truth: Contrary to some belief systems, TB does not climb down a tree in the family. bacteria are released in the air. Tuberculosis sufferers are at risk of infecting anyone within close proximity. The reason that so many believed that it was a genetic condition was because it is usually passed on to the closest to you physically and, most often, relatives.

Myth : The TB patient is infected

The Truth: After four to eight weeks of getting the right treatment, a lot of patients will become uninfected. This reduces the chance of contracting TB for anyone in the vicinity of the person. ‘

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