Asthma Trigger

What are the causes of Asthma ?

Depending upon the causes of asthma, they can be divided into various types

1 Allergic Asthma: The most common type . When there is a history of  recurrent runny nose with sneezing  or other forms of allergy e.g skin allergy, drug allergy in early age, then  allergic asthma can occur. This form gives good response to inhaled corticosteroids

2. Non allergic type:  They have asthma like features but differ at cellular levels. They response only temporarily to inhaled corticosteroids

3. Occupational Asthma: Long term i.e over 20 years of exposure to certain organic dusts at work can lead to this type of asthma.

4. Adult onset Asthma: occurs in late age is usually non allergic, and responds to high dose of inhalers containing corticosteroids.

5. Asthma with obesity: some patients with obesity have all respiratory complaints but lesser allergic component.

Know your Trigger
Asthma Trigger

Respiratory complaints get triggered on exposure to viral infections, smoke, allergens (pollens, drugs, food, animal, insects, fungii), exercise, change in weather, exhaust fumes, or strong smells
Any of these can lead to onset of asthma in predisposed individuals as mentioned in the list above.

Risk factors for Asthma in Children

1.Maternal obesity obesity in pregnancy can result in Asthma in children. Each 1 kg/meter square increase in body mass index of the mother, leads to 2-3% increase in risk of asthma in children.
2. Vitamin D: Trials suggest there is 25%  reduction in wheeze in 0-3 years children whose mother’s  Vitamin D levels are maintained right from early pregnancy.
3. Maternal smoking is the most direct route of environmental smoke exposure. Also exposure to air pollution which contains sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, PM10.
4. Hygiene hypothesis or biodiversity hypothesis suggests children exposed to high levels of bacterial endotoxins in early age have lesser chance of developing asthma. 
Hygiene Hypothesis
5. Antibiotics during pregnancy and in infants and toddlers has been associated with Asthma in later life.
6. Ill social health of  Mother in pregnancy or during early years of he child  also can lead to childhood asthma.
7. Obesity in childhood is a risk factor for Asthma.
  • Avoid environmental smoke exposure
  • Promote Vaginal delivery whenever possible
  • Breast feeding for social well being of mother and child
  • Avoid Use of antibiotics in first year of life. 

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